Warm Day Plan #3

1. If you would like to witness a spectacular sunrise, this could be a great morning to do so. Sunrises are beautiful when witnessed from our north shore; the water and sky almost seem as one with their reflections of many colors. Enjoy our complimentary continental breakfast when you return from an invigorating early morning!

2. Have our staff make dinner reservations, if necessary.

3. Another sunny and warm day. Should you go back to the beach or try a round of golf at the new 9-hole St. Felix Golf and Country Club? Our staff will be happy to book your tee-off time.

4. Have lunch at one of the local eateries and chat with locals, they might have some more ideas for you!

5. Visit the Tignish Cultural Center and stroll through our interpretive centre to discover how the Tignish area evolved through time. It’s fascinating to see the history and culture evolve as the years go by. There is also a visitor information centre in this building, they may have some more suggestions for you!

6. The Confederation Trail is great for bike enthusiasts as it winds through many small communities along the way. We have two bicycles available for rent, why not give it a try!

7. Perhaps you would like to try your hand at Clam digging, trout fishing in the many streams and ponds or smelt fishing at one of the local harbours.

8. Back to the Inn to relax and enjoy a cold drink. You may even decide to walk to the local Legion where, depending on which night of the week it is, you can enjoy the kitchen party, karaoke, bingo, or dancing with a live band.

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