Warm Day Plan #4

1. How lucky can you get … its sunny and warm again today!

2. Today would be a great day to visit the Atlantic Wind Test Site at North Cape where the staff are monitoring and gathering data on power generation from wind. You can get a tour of this facility and the engineers will answer any questions you might have.

3. To really appreciate and remember the Island way of life, grab your camera as you head to the beach and fishing harbours for picture-taking and wading in the surf. Maybe a driving tour of West Prince is more to your liking today.

4. To make your Island vacation a truly complete and memorable one, why not cook your own lobster dinner this evening and enjoy it in our dining room. Lobsters (live or cooked) can be purchased at Royal Star Food Fish Mart. If you purchase live lobsters, staff will gladly assist you in cooking them. Depending on your taste, other side dinner items can be purchased at the local grocery stores or the bakery.

5. When all is prepared for a fabulous dinner, sit back and relax as you think about this unique vacation experience.

6. Watch the sunset as you sit around a bonfire at the beach and toast marshmallows.

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